Expanding Horizons

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The journey begins with knowing what you want and then confidently taking the first step toward achieving it.

Whether your current focus is personal development or professional development you can take charge of your life—reinvent yourself if necessary—and achieve whatever you want. I know this is true because it is the story of my life.

As we approach a new school year and soon a New Year altogether, it's a great time to stop and think of where we have been in life and where we want to go. You will find a tool for doing just that with a lifeline exercise. A discussion of the usefulness of the exercise and guidance in using it are on that page. This tool will help you decide where you want to go in life, personal and business . Then you can approach your future with confidence.

At the end of the exercise you will be encouraged to consider what will be your legacy as you leave this world. This point has caused serious consideration by past seminar participants and users of the lifeline.

One of the major obstacles most of us face on a daily basis is the internal messages we send ourselves. Even while we are busy communicating with others, there seems to be a slider going across our minds, “not good enough.” We hear things like:

     "That was a stupid thing to do."

     "I'm running late as usual."

     "I can't learn this stuff."

By the thousands, these messages bombard people’s brains everyday and it is no wonder that the outcome is an unhappy personality.

       One effective daily exercise for developing self-confidence and reaching our goals  is to practice a friendlier internal dialog: substitute self-criticism with regular positive self-talk.

Positive Self Talk is a life skill that can lead to a much more pleasing personality which in turn leads to better relationships and aids in getting ahead in the business world. Here is a sampling of positive self-talk:

     "I am lovable and capable."

     "I am doing the very best I can"

     "I am healthy and energetic."

     "I am filled with love and focused on positive feelings." 

       Courage comes with stretching. Failure is a fact of life. Trying to avoid failure leads us to thoughts like "I'm just not good enough." So we stop trying. We forget about self growth, personal development. We accept the way things are, the amount of money we make, or the educational level we accomplish.


     It's easy to take the first step in building self confidence and living a happier life than you may think. Begin with your communication skills. Once you have a starting point, the idea of self improvement is easier to accept. Almost everyone can improve their verbal communication skills. It just takes a few minutes to know where you stand and where you might improve. Then you decide what you will do about it. Click here to take the free quiz now.

     You can then take it a step farther and get the eBook on nonverbal communication skills that's offered on this page in the left column. You have then a great start on shoring up your confidence level.

     We hope that you will take a while to get to know us better and come back again. GoalMinds, Inc. and Jo Condrill can offer you other resources to take your self confidence to a new high.




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